David Bodenschatz

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Mindhunter                                                       principal                                                 Netflix/ dir. David Fincher
Orange is the New Black                                principal                                                                                    Netflix

Stephanie Daley                                                principal                         Silverwood Films/ dir. Hilary Brougher

Deutsche Kampf                                               supporting              student film/ Plattsburgh State University

We Need to Talk About Kevin                        featured                                        BBC Films/ dir. Lynne Ramsay
Marcus Hates His Job                                       supporting                                                                        Jun Group

May Violets Spring                                           Claudius                       DARE Lab/ The Bridge (Shetler Studios)

Marius                                                                 Monsieur Brun                      Storm Theatre/ dir. Peter Dobbins

Birds Should Fly Free                                       Rahm Rove and others                        New York Fringe Festival

3 Days in May                                                    William                                   Players Theater/ dir. Andrea Biggs

The President                                                     Mr. Ciring                              Storm Theatre/ dir. Peter Dobbins

Spontaneous Combustion                              various                                                Manhattan Theatre Source

The Sessions                                                      John                             Independent Theatre/ Panoptic Theatre

Tchaikovsky                                                        Dr. Liev Bertensen                          American Theatre of Actors

Linnea                                                                  Clown                                    Storm Theatre/ dir. Peter Dobbins

Reginald of Brinston                                         Walter                   New Light Theater Project/ Access Theater



SIDD                                                                    ensemble                Chicago Fringe/New Light Theater Project

Almost, Maine                                                   multiple roles                            Theater Barn/ dir. Tony Capone

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest               Billy Bibbitt                                      Plattsburgh State University

Six Characters in Search of an Author          myself                                               Plattsburgh State University

PSU Theatre Sports League                            host                                                   Plattsburgh State University

Hay Fever                                                            Richard Greatham                                       Coach House Players

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                         Peter Quince                                   Plattsburgh State University

The Madwoman of Chaillot                            The Deaf-Mute     CENTER for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck

Julius Caesar                                                       Trebonius                                      Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project

Inherit the Wind                                                multiple roles         CENTER for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck

Death of a Salesman                                        Stanley             New Paltz State Summer Rep./ dir. Jack Wade

B.A. in Performance from Plattsburgh State University

Walt Disney World College Program- Internship studying interactive theatre

On-Camera Film Audition Technique- Caroline Sinclair

Intensive Film & TV Technique- Patrick Baca, CSA

Brooke & Mary, On-Camera Commercial Intensive- Brooke Thomas and Mary Egan Callahan

Special Skills:  Improv & improv games; Drawing (primarily figure work with pencils); Science fiction and comic book superhero expert; Basic French language skills; Auxiliary percussion instruments